With the absence of village constable Pc Rob Walker, a group of teenagers wreak havoc in Aidensfield and vandalise Bernie’s garage. Annoyed by the lack of police support, the villagers are perplexed when Sergeant Miller informs them that Walker’s replacement, Pc Wetherby, won’t be arriving for seven weeks! Realising this is too long to wait, Miller comes up with the idea of recruiting Pc Joe Mason, a copper he trained in York.

Arriving in Aidensfield, Mason decides to get straight down to business and heads to Bernie’s garage – but he dismisses the damage as sheer vandalism and shows no interest in taking the matter further. Unimpressed with his attitude, Blaketon is convinced Mason won’t last long in Aidensfield. Can Mason convince the villagers he isn’t the renegade cop they think he is before it’s too late?

Also, with so few police around, Peggy takes the opportunity to do some poaching on Lord Ashfordly’s estate.