Pc Keane bends the rules

Pcs Emma Keane and Sally Armstrong attend to a call out and find Tim Lock and his two daughters covered in blood, after fighting off two intruders. Emma chases after one of them while Tim admits that he panicked and hit one with a hammer.

The intruder Emma is chasing escapes and Pc Tony Stamp and Sally find his accomplice in a very bad way. Later, Emma and Sally are stunned when evidence suggests that Tim hasn’t been telling the whole truth and they are forced to arrest him for attempted murder.

Back at the station, Tim swears that he only lashed out at Lee as he was threatening his family with a combat knife. Emma is convinced that he’s telling the truth and, determined to clear his name, hatches a plan with her fellow officers which leads to the truth being uncovered.

Afterwards, Emma confronts Sergeant Stone who was earlier furious with her for wanting to bend the rules. As she walks away, it’s clear that she has rattled her usually calm boss.