Pc Mason hunts for the church vandals

Lord Ashfordly’s godson Chaz Enderly gets drunk, drives off in his car and hits a dog that runs into the road. When David finds the dog’s body, Oscar Blaketon suggests that Pc Joe Mason visit Ashfordly Hall to investigate. When questioned, Chaz admits to the accident and Joe agrees to let him off with a caution.

Elsewhere, the local church is vandalised and, as Joe looks into the incident, he finds similarities between the grafitti and a rock group’s album cover. Later, Chaz is attacked in the churchyard and, when questioned, reveals that he managed the band until he started taking drugs. Is the vandalism and Chaz’s attack linked?

That evening, Gina is helping Carol host a dinner party when she reveals that she’s pregnant. Still grieving for Phil and remembering the complications surrounding baby Daniel, will Gina be able to cope?

*Last in the series*