When Gambler Dennis Lomax misses a bet because he was refused credit, he smashes the bookies up. PC Geoff Younger tries to restore order but is ignored. When Mason turns up he takes control and Younger is left in awe of his ability to command respect.

Back at home, Younger gets a visit from a debt collector, Mick Revill, who demands payment for the stereogram he brought three months ago, but can Younger find the money?

Over at Ashfordly School, Carol tells David that the head teacher was asking if David is attending the Centenary celebration but David seems reluctant. When an old school acquaintance of David’s, Brian York, turns up, Peggy listens to them reminisce and can’t understand David’s behaviour towards Brian.

That evening in the Aidensfield Arms, Ventress asks Revill if he can chase up a payment for him. Revill accepts and moves on to local businessman, Neil Boon. The following day when Boon makes a complaint to the police Revill says he isn’t a violent man and that Younger can vouch for him.

Also, Younger decides to take up boxing to toughen up. Hearing about Younger’s new interest PC Don Wetherby decides to enter him into the Police Federation Boxing Gala. Will Younger be able to toughen up in time?