Pearl has been hit hard by Len’s death and she’s not coping too well with the impending funeral. When Len’s grandson Marc returns to the village along with step-mum Lady Tara for the funeral, Pearl embarrasses herself by getting drunk and arguing with Edna, who is hurt that a jealous Pearl has banned her from the funeral.

Marlon and Donna are at a loss as to what to do now that the house-build is no longer an option, but the Dingles rally round in an attempt to come up with a plan to find the couple a place to live. Donna insists that their only option is to bring some more money into the household and she reveals that she’s decided to join the police full time.

Jo is hurt that Andy has gone behind her back to talk to Jack when Andy announces that Jack is interested in investing in her goats’ milk scheme. Jack reassures a suspicious Jo that he thinks her business idea is a winner. Jo worries that Gray will be angry with her for pulling out of the deal with him and Rosemary.

Also, Jasmine agrees to help David with some cleaning shifts.