A snooping Pearl overhears Jimmy discuss his false alibi with Kelly and wrestles with her conscience whether to go to the police or not. She confides in Edna who advises her to do the right thing.

Pearl is still unsure and Kelly picks up on her jittery behaviour. After quizzing her, Pearl admits to what she heard and urges Kelly to tell the police herself. Kelly refuses and a panicked Jimmy offers her a cash bonus to stay quiet. He is confident he’s bought her silence, but later Pearl visits the police station.

Len warns Edna that she’s asking for trouble having Billy as a lodger but she dismisses his concerns. She resolves to help Billy build a better relationship with Daz and invites him over for Sunday lunch. Much to Edna’s delight, the meal is a great success.

Marlon struggles to build the house foundations and takes his frustration out on Donna. Donna tearfully confides in Emily their marriage seems to be full of neverending problems. Elsewhere, Eli chastises Marlon for his treatment of Donna and the pair are reconciled when Marlon apologises.