Peggy asks Phil to deal with Archie

Chelsea is desperate to impress Theo and show him that she’s more mature. Patrick encourages a hesitant Chelsea to call Theo and arrange a date. Chelsea arrives at the Vic to find Stacey flirting with Theo and she flings herself at Stacey and they end up fighting! Chelsea thinks she’s ruined her chances with Theo, but when she confesses her feelings to him he reassures her with a kiss.

Stacey is in a bad way in the wake of Danielle’s death and she doesn’t respond well when Mo tells her the police have called about Lauren’s court case. Meanwhile, Peggy convinces Ronnie to talk to Stacey and Danielle’s family to help her through her grief at losing Danielle. Ronnie approaches Stacey, but a bitter Stacey tells her some home truths.

Peggy returns to the Vic and is determined to remove all evidence of Archie. Peggy discovers that Archie has moved into Janine’s and she summons him to the Vic. A smug Archie thinks Peggy is going to beg him to come back, but he’s left humiliated when instead Peggy returns the clothes he’s bought her and throws him out. Peggy calls in Phil and tells him she wants Archie dead!

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