Peggy collapses!

Ronnie accuses Peggy of putting the election above her family when Peggy is asked to attend a debate with fellow election candidate Mohinder. Peggy considers dropping out, but Dot and Roxy encourage her. Peggy falters as she starts to give her speech, but when a repentant Ronnie turns up to support her she makes a brilliant speech. Archie tells everyone how proud he is of Peggy and proposes a toast. Everyone is horrified when Peggy collapses…

Danielle approaches Roxy about babysitting Amy again, but Roxy is unsure. Danielle is furious when Ronnie tells her she should stay away from babies for a while to give her time to get over her abortion. Danielle steals a can of paint from Charlie and heads over to Ronnie’s flat to take her revenge.

Heather is expectant when Minty wants to talk and hopes that he wants her back. Heather puts on a microphone to sing at the early St Patrick’s Day celebrations at the Vic when Minty comes up to her. Heather tries to kiss Minty, but he pushes her away and confesses that he’s met someone else. Heather is devastated and a fuming Shirley evicts Minty from the Vic.

Also, Billy learns Bert is abroad and worries about where Jay is; Jane and Masood grow closer.

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