Peggy confronts an intruder!

Peggy reveals that is terrified of a confrontation with the bailiffs and she considers taking on another loan when she’s approached by a man from a ‘debt solution company’. After closing at the Vic, Peggy hears the door of the pub being smashed and she creeps downstairs with a baseball bat. Peggy is confronted by the intruder – Sean – and she tells Sean to hit her with the bat and make it look good…

Jase gets a job doing some decorating for the Masoods along with Mickey, but it seems he may be out of pocket already when he accidentally breaks Dawn’s buggy. Jase is taken aback when he later sees an old acquaintance, Bird, and he is fearful that his new start in the Square may be in jeopardy when Bird brings up Jase’s past as a violent hooligan.

Rachel causes friction in the Branning family when she is rude about the bridesmaids’ dresses. She later winds up Tanya by announcing that she’ll be sitting on the top table with Max, while Tanya will be with the girls.

Also, the Masoods move to Albert Square but lose their furniture; Heather thinks she’s in with a chance with Garry after a misunderstanding.

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