Peggy encourages Pat to pull down the For Sale sign outside the pub. Peggy calls the estate agent pretending to be Roxy and asks the Vic to be taken off the market, but Roxy is standing next to him! Roxy is adamant about selling the pub despite Peggy’s opposition. Peggy and Pat decide to make the pub look a mess to put off potential buyers.

Bianca is put out when she cuddles up to Ricky and he pushes her off. Bianca heads off to the cafe to work and flirts with one of the customers. Whitney is horrified when she spots Bianca and wants to know what she’s up to. Bianca confesses that she and Ricky haven’t had sex for three months and she was just trying to see if she’d lost her mojo or not.

Darren gets a letter about his circumcision operation. Max can’t resist winding him up and taunts him as he’s slicing a cucumber! Darren rereads the letter about his circumcision, obviously terrified about the operation. Max thinks Jodie is expecting too much, but Darren insists that he wants to do this for her.

Also, Patrick reminds a dismal Jordan that although they’re not related to the Foxes they are all still family.

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