Archie gives Peggy the divorce papers, but he tells her he still loves her and wants to make a go of things. Peggy is swayed by Archie’s pleas, but leaves without committing to anything. Ryan has overheard Peggy’s conversation with Archie and tells Janine that Archie was trying to win back Peggy. Janine breaks the news to a stunned Peggy that she and Archie are engaged.

Peggy confronts Archie and signs the divorce papers and throws them at him. Back at the Vic flat the family toast divorce, family and Christmas. Ryan tells the Mitchells to come downstairs and they’re are stunned to see Archie is standing behind the bar with Janine. Archie reveals that he’s now the legal owner of the Vic…

Amira gives Masood and Zainab the money from her dad’s safety deposit box to put towards the wedding. Christian is miserable when he sees a happy Syed and Amira. Christian arrives late for the wedding dance rehearsal with Syed and tells an upset Zainab that he hasn’t got time to do the rehearsals.

Also, Dotty bribes Mo to let her play Angel Gabriel in the Nativity; Whitney is relieved when Tony is found guilty on all charges; Jane mourns the loss of her dream of adopting a child.

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