Roxy is taken aback when Peggy thinks they should hold a grime music night at the Vic. Roxy attempts to stay in control and agrees to the plan. Peggy dresses up as a tequila girl in a short skirt and cowboy hat but has to deal with a jeering Kylie, who ends up throwing a pint over Peggy.

Roxy tells Peggy she’s making a fool of herself and she doesn’t want to see her behind the bar again and Peggy is upset. Peggy later takes a phone call and heads to the police station. Peggy vouches for Danny, who has been taken into custody after being beaten up.

Ian softens towards Lucy’s pregnancy and decides to go ahead with Lucy and Jane’s plan to adopt Lucy’s baby. Ian tells Lucy he’s worried that she’ll get a lot of stick from the locals if she goes through with the pregnancy. Lucy is firm in her resolve and Ian agrees to support her.

Abi shows Carol the knickers that she found behind the fridge. Carol covers for Max to save Abi’s feelings and pretends that they’re hers. Carol confronts Max but he’s dismissive. Carol warns Becca to stay clear of Max but Becca isn’t threatened.

Also, Kylie and Connor get Whitney drunk.

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