Peggy has a big decision to make

Peggy realises that Roxy invited Archie back to Walford. Peggy is horrified when Archie reveals that he’s renting a house in the Square. Archie begs Peggy for another chance, but Peggy throws both Archie and Roxy out of the Vic. Roxy pleads with Peggy to speak to Archie. Later, Peggy tells Roxy that she will see Archie, but on her terms.

Shirley furiously confronts a confused Minty in the Vic, assuming that he got Heather pregnant, and knocks him to the ground with a punch. Heather begs Shirley to stop and shouts out that Minty isn’t the father. Heather is devastated that everyone in the Square now knows about her pregnancy. Heather insists that the father is a one-night-stand who doesn’t want to know and refuses to give Shirley a name.

Denise invites Trina to the Square to talk about Jordan, but when Jordan goes missing Trina tells them that he is at her’s. Denise stops Lucas from phoning social services and he accuses her of wanting to keep Trina sweet so she’ll agree to the divorce. Meanwhile, Trina is with Jordan in the cafe and she promises him that their family will be reunited.

Also, Jane is opposed to the talent contest, but Ian is keen to enter Bobby.