Peggy is going to miss Pat when she moves to Spain and she suggests that she and Pat have a girly weekend away. Peggy asks Pat if she wants to go to a country hotel with her in place of Aunt Sal, who has cried off the short break with a stinking cold. The two ladies set off and on the way Peggy tries to find out why Pat is thinking of leaving, but Pat isn’t giving anything away.

Peggy and Pat arrive at the hotel and are roped in to be witnesses at a gay couple’s civil ceremony. Peggy and Pat end up dispensing relationship advice when the couple, Nathan and Saul, get cold feet! Peggy and Pat have a heart-to-heart and Peggy finally finds out why Pat is leaving Walford, before they return home.

Chelsea is determined to find her long-lost dad and wants to search for him on the Internet. Libby doesn’t think it’s a good idea but when she realises how much Chelsea wants to know her dad, she searches on the online electoral register and soon comes up with an address.

Also, Ricky and Diane turn up in the Square with sad news about Frank.

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