Peggy has an unwelcome visitor

Peggy is mystified when the burglar alarm at the Vic goes off unexpectedly. Mo gives Peggy a leaflet about facial fillers and Peggy is dismissive, but clearly tempted. Mo hawks Marilyn’s facial fillers to the ladies of the Square and Peggy and Pat almost signs up until they realise they’re being cheated. Peggy is irritated when the burglar alarm goes off again – and when she attends to it she finds Archie on the stairs!

Heather stands up to Shirley and insists that she won’t be giving up her baby. Shirley thinks Heather is wasting her life on ‘a mistake’. Heather furiously tells Shirley that her daughter is no mistake and she packs her bags and leaves the flat to stay with Minty. Shirley feels bad and she apologises and promises to support her all the way.

Minty is evasive when Manda insists that he tell Garry about Dawn cheating on him with Phil. Minty tries to break the news to Garry, but can’t bring himself to do it. Minty tells Manda that they should give Garry and Dawn a chance to work things through themselves and she reluctantly agrees.

Also, Jordan wants to move in with Trina; a broke Janine spies money in a kids’ talent contest.