Peggy has received a letter concerning Roxy‘s whereabouts, but she keeps it to herself. Sean confronts Ronnie about her whereabouts, but she insists she hasn’t heard from her sister since they went their separate ways. Sean also confronts Peggy, but she lies that she doesn’t know where Roxy is. Peggy eventually confesses to Ronnie that Roxy is staying in Dorset and they set off to see her. Sean is furious when he discovers he’s been lied to.

Ben is alarmed when Phil starts looking at properties in Watford and confides in Peggy that Phil is thinking of moving away. Peggy is stunned and she confronts Phil, who blames her for pushing him to move out. Max finds out that Phil is planning to look round Watford and asks him to take a sum of cash to his sister Suzy, who lives there.

Ronnie learns that Jack is going to move in with Tanya and questions whether he really loves her or whether he just wants to get at Max. Later, Max invites Ronnie for a drink and tries to kiss her. She almost responds, but thinks better of it and pushes him away.

Also, Peggy asks Billy and Honey to look after the Vic while she’s away.

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