Jack is worried about Amy after Roxy’s outburst, suggesting they move in with Ronnie. After a heart to heart with Andy, Ronnie agrees to let them move in. There’s a big shock for Ronnie, however when there’s a knock at the door. Ronnie is stunned to see Peggy!

Buster is determined to stop the CostMart sale going through. After telling Kathy their kiss was a mistake, Buster is red-faced when Kathy humiliates him in front of Beale’s diners. Trying to rally support to keep the campaign going, Buster realises he needs cash. Roping Lee into a madcap plan, Buster tells him they’re going to Belinda’s…

Mick realises that Buster and Lee are up to no good, and he asks Johnny to go with him to see what they’re up to. When they follow them to Belinda’s house and catch them stealing her prize fish, Mick and Johnny intervene. As they return the fish to the pond, their good deed falls apart when Belinda catches them red-handed.

Also, Bex and Louise both fancy Shakil.