Peggy Mitchell returns to Walford on a mission to confront Dot about Phil’s imprisonment and Ronnie’s hospitalisation. After bursting into Dot’s house, she softens, realising that Dot is in a state. On the way out, Peggy can’t resist popping into The Vic, which is closed in preparation for the wedding reception, exchanging a few sharp words with Mick Carter.

With Ian and Jane’s wedding imminent, Lauren can’t keep what she knows about Lucy to herself, writing a wedding card with a message inside. When Stacey lets slip to Max that Lauren knows something about Lucy, a worried Max finds Lauren about to leave with a packed bag. Panicking when Lauren runs out of the house into a waiting cab, Max tells Abi that Lauren knows Abi killed Lucy! Is he right about Abi?

Ian calms his pre-wedding nerves with a few drinks at The Vic. Overcome with sadness about losing Lucy, he shares his grief with Sharon, who reassures him that he deserves to be happy. After arriving at Beales for the wedding, Ian nips into the kitchen where he is confronted by Phil, who reveals he has something to tell him about Lucy. Meanwhile, Jane reads the card from Lauren, that says “I know what happened to Lucy. She was killed at home”.

Also, Roxy is over the moon when Ronnie comes round from her coma after the ventilator is turned off. But has Ronnie heard Roxy and Charlie talking about their night together? Phil clashes with a mystery man who wants to speak to Ronnie. Phil tells Billy he’s trouble.