Peggy visits some old friends, while a concerned Sharon checks up on Phil. Revealing that Ronnie has told her that Peggy is dying, she suggests reminding Peggy of all she has to fight for to encourage her to continue her treatment.

Coming up with a plan to give Peggy a day to remember, Phil has to change things up when Peggy wants to take a trip down memory lane instead. In another bid to convince Peggy to fight, Sharon arranges a surprise family meal. Realising that something is up, Shirley and Kathy confront Sharon, who is forced to reveal Peggy’s news.

When Peggy gets back to the house to find her family waiting for her she is overwhelmed. Taking Phil aside, Peggy insists that nothing more can be done for her. Out of desperation, Sharon knows there’s only one person who could talk Peggy round and she makes a call…