Roxy tries to leave a present for Amy at Ronnie’s, but is caught out by Peggy, who tells her to get a grip. When Ronnie returns home she’s confronted by Aunt Sal and Phil, who are looking for a missing Peggy. Unable to fool a suspicious Aunt Sal, Ronnie is saved from further lies when Peggy comes out of hiding. With Peggy’s test results due, Ronnie offers to go with her to the hospital. Peggy learns the cancer has spread and she doesn’t have long to live.

Sonia insists on going alone to her appointment about the lump in her breast. Worried for her mum, Bex asks Stacey for advice. As Sonia heads off to hospital, Stacey turns up, telling her she’s going to be there for her. Sonia is flooded with relief at her appointment when she’s told that she doesn’t have any cancer.

Johnny is concerned his law career could be under threat if Belinda goes to the police about the attempted theft. It seems he has nothing to worry about, however, as Belinda turns up to invite Linda and Mick to dinner. When an apprehensive Mick and Linda arrive at Belinda and Neville’s they’re horrified to discover that the couple are hoping for more than just dinner – they’re swingers!

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