Peggy snogs Archie

Peggy goes to investigate when she hears a noise in the barrel store. Archie hurriedly puts out the flames and claims he saw kids running away. Peggy later finds Billy’s wallet and is puzzled. Peggy asks Archie to the Vic and produces Billy’s wallet and tells Archie she thinks he planted the wallet and started the fire. Archie grabs Peggy, but instead of struggling free Peggy passionately kisses him.

Jane is mortified about trying to kiss Masood, but he agrees to forget it. Jane returns home and finds a note from Ian saying ‘wake me’. Jane gently wakes Ian and he tells her that he’s willing to try for the adoption. Ian and Jane talk things through, but Jane realises that Ian’s heart isn’t in it and she packs a bag and leaves.

Denise throws Owen out of the house when he tries to tell her that Lucas is unhinged. Lucas sees Owen leaving the house and he gets a kitchen knife and follows him. Owen tries to provoke Lucas into an attack, but instead Lucas’s hand closes over the blade of the knife in his pocket. Lucas shakes Owen’s hand, leaving it covered in blood, and tells Owen he has a week to leave…

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