Peggy takes a suitcase of cash from Archie to pay for Sam’s bail. Archie says that in return he wants to move back into the Vic. Peggy is outraged by Archie’s demand but the Mitchells agree to take Archie’s cash without honouring his request. Janine approaches Archie and tells him that if he needs any help, she’ll be around. The Miss Queen Vic competition kicks off in the Vic and Peggy arrives with a freed Sam.

Jane and Tanya switch houses for the Beale-Branning Wife Swap. Tanya is instantly irritated by Ian when he’s patronising and assigns her to work in the cafe. Over at the Brannings’, Jane and Max are also rubbing each other up the wrong way; but Jane is impressed when Max cooks the family meal and they start to relax in each others’ company.

Libby goes for a drink with Adam and Darren joins them, keen to keep an eye on the competition. Adam and Darren size each other up and Darren feels confident that Adam is no threat to him, but when he mentions it to Adam he’s taken aback when Adam tells him not to be so sure.

Also, Stacey tricks Jean into thinking that she’s taking her medication; Bianca and the kids are missing Ricky.

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