Peggy confides in Suzy that she might have to postpone to the wedding to talk round her warring family. Archie is insistent that they get going on the nuptials and tells her he wants them to marry in November instead. Archie buys Peggy a new dress for the engagement party and Ronnie tells her that Archie is trying to turn her into a version of her mum. A furious Peggy orders Ronnie out.

Bianca and the kids are frantic when Wellard goes missing and they initiate a search. Ian eventually finds Wellard and Tiffany is delighted. But it seems there’s something up with the elderly dog when Ricky finds him collapsed in the house…

Max spots Bradley going into Jack’s flat and follows him. He realises that Jack is moving in with Tanya when Bradley reveals that Jack has asked him to rent out his flat through his estate agents. Later, Max breaks in and goes through Jack’s paperwork. He picks up Jack’s Queen’s Gallantry medal along with a framed newspaper cutting of him receiving the medal from a high-ranking policeman and is obviously plotting something.

Also, the Masoods get a visit from environmental health; Zainab and Denise try to outdo each other over Tam and Libby’s exam results.