Peggy worries that Archie really is having an affair with Suzy and she asks Pat to help her find out what he’s up to. Peggy gets hold of Suzy’s phone and sends Archie a text arranging to meet him in Fargo’s. Archie realises what Peggy is up to and tells her that if she can’t trust him then they should postpone the marriage. Meanwhile, Archie asks Danielle to steal a letter from Ronnie when Danielle goes in to clean the club.

Garry wants to prove to Dawn that he loves her and can take care of her and he surreptitiously asks Jane for advice. Jane suggests cooking a romantic meal and he spends hours preparing a meal of expensive mussels. Dawn is touched when she sees his efforts, but she tells him she doesn’t like mussels and he’s forced to throw it away!

Bianca hears Tony deleting an answerphone message from Dr Merritt about rearranging Whitney’s missed psychiatrist appointment. Tony has to come up with an excuse fast and he tells Bianca he didn’t take Whitney to the appointment as getting a doctor involved with the family is bound to bring them trouble. Bianca decides to take Whitney on a girls’ holiday.

Also, Billy visits Jay at the children’s home.

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