Phil is worried that Lisa might try to get to Louise and wants to take her to visit Ben in prison. Peggy disapproves and arranges for Shirley to babysit. Phil and Peggy discover a bruised and beaten Ben at the detention centre. Peggy confronts one of the young thugs, but he intimidates her. Peggy’s day gets worse when she gets home to find a For Sale sign on the pub!

Liz looks at the spot where Lucas buried Owen and she says she can’t bear to have to look at it every day. Liz tells Dot that she’s burying Owen tomorrow, but she’s unsure whether to tell Libby. Liz places a flower at Owen’s burial spot and tells Dot she’s going to tell Libby about the funeral before she flies back to Spain.

Max scoffs when Darren insists that he and Jodie don’t need to have sex yet as there is more to romance. Darren sweats when Jodie strips down to her bikini in the park. Jodie forces Darren to take his shirt off and she rubs sun cream into his back. Darren can’t bear it and tells her he can do the rest. Zsa Zsa teases Darren about Jodie and he storms off.

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