Peggy’s back!

Ronnie sees off Carl when he tries to intimidate her. Meanwhile, a frustrated Billy makes a secret call after Phil lacks the will and the energy to do his physio exercises. Outside the hospital, Billy greets Peggy – he’s called in the big guns to sort out Phil! Peggy tells Phil to pull himself together and not let anyone muscle in on his territory. Carl is rattled when he returns to the club to find a steely Phil, who has discharged himself from hospital.

Lauren bans Abi from doing a job at McKlunkey’s to pay the bills, worried it will damage her studies. After applying for a cleaning job, Lauren is turned down. Joey encourages Lauren not to give up, disappointed when she cuts things short and leaves. Lauren calls Jake, who invites her to his bedsit and they kiss passionately.

Ava brings a fragile Sam home from hospital. Dexter is worried when Ava reveals she’s going to be tested for a match, although Sam reassures him it’s unlikely as she’s not a blood relative. Alone with Sam, Dexter reveals he wants to be tested, too, asking him not to tell Ava.

Also, Alice’s plan to seduce Tamwar fails miserably!