Charlie keeps questioning Alf about Penn, but he refuses to budge. The family are stunned to learn that Alf was charged, but Romeo in particular doesn’t believe Alf is guilty for a second. Alf doesn’t want to talk about it, insisting no one goes to the hearing with him. Alf visits Penn in hospital, but Charlie tells him he can’t be near the person he’s been charged with beating. When Penn comes to, he says it wasn’t Alf, and he doesn’t know why he said it was.

Indi is job-hunting and Irene offers her work in the Diner. Indi is not sure whether she should take it, after the fiasco with Ruby, but Irene says life is about second chances and what you do with them. Charlie, however, is outraged and argues with Irene.

Angelo hears there’s a food critic coming to town. When a man comes into Angelo’s and starts asking about the food, Angelo thinks he’s in trouble, only to discover it’s his little brother Paulie.

Dex wants to smooth things over with Marilyn, but she feels awkward around him. Marilyn tells Sid to talk to Dex and find out what’s really going on. But when Dex sees the pair in the Surf Club, he just runs away.

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