Nicole tells Miles that Penn told her he planted the needle on the beach. Miles doesn’t immediately believe her but Marilyn and Alf do. Penn torments Nicole about Miles doubting her. Nicole heads to Sid’s, who’s disgusted with Penn.

Nicole is grateful that Sid believes her and cries. Indi arrives home to find Sid with his arm around Nicole. Indi jumps to conclusions, but Nic and Sid explain. Alf tracks down Penn and tells him he’s a liar and he should clear off. Penn tells Alf to watch who he’s calling a liar.

Alf is shaken but won’t tell Marilyn why. Miles apologises to Nicole. Later, Penn is brought into the hospital – he’s been badly beaten. He reveals his attacker and Sid is shocked.

Indi catches Dex working out and reckons he must fancy someone. Dex stays up late writing something, and tells Sid love can make you do crazy things. Sid is increasingly suspicious. Dex gives Marilyn a letter. Her jaw drops. She tells him the letter was wrong and she has to show it to Sid. Dex tells her it was a creative writing exercise for school – he needed to test it to see if it was moving. She was obviously moved – great! Marilyn is sceptical.

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