After she is accidentally pricked by the hypodermic needle Sid tests Nicole for illnesses she may have contracted, including HIV. Penn is there to support her and he apologises to Sid for the comments he made about Nicole fancying him. The test results are negative, but Nicole will have to wait for the HIV results, which will take months. It soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems with Penn…

April reassures Xavier that she and his ex, Ruby, are fine sharing, but when Ruby rejects a meal Bianca has cooked, April begins to suspect there is a problem between Ruby and Bianca.

Curious that Sid still hasn’t arrived on their mystery date, Marilyn decides that she and Dex should head to the hospital to find him. She checks her messages and discovers Sid didn’t mention meeting them at the picnic. She realises Dex set the whole thing up so they could be alone.

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