Penn’s back…

John Palmer finds Penn’s body washed up on the shoreline and the investigation into how he died begins. Robertson is his usual self, taking over the crime scene. Colleen is intrigued by the murder and pesters Robertson about possible causes of death. Alf is deeply affected by the murder and when the coroner’s report comes back, Robertson books a date with Alf – he has some serious questions for him.

Nina, Liam’s brash new girlfriend, makes a move on Romeo. Romeo tells Liam, and is surprised when Liam says he’s not bothered. He says things with him and Nina are just casual. Meanwhile, Bianca is making wedding plans with Vittorio, but it seems she’s less than enthusiastic about the prospect. Romeo tells Bianca that Liam and Nina aren’t serious.

Roo is desperate to persuade Gina to use the Xavier’s money to help the fugitives Martha and Hugo. Gina is reluctant and Roo presses just about every point she can, but Gina isn’t prepared to agree to any kind of plan – not yet.

Alf spots the pair on several occasions and immediately suspects the two are cooking up a plan. Roo denies this, stating she and Gina are simply bonding. Alf tells Roo whatever she’s up to, she should be careful.

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