Penny is offended when Elliot accuses her of growing too close to her heart transplant patient Scott after she gives him a television to watch a football match on. When the excitement of the game puts pressure on Scott’s heart, Elliot blasts Penny for allowing her feelings to put the young man in danger.

Ignoring Elliot, Penny continues to favour Scott, which leads to a dangerous situation when another patient gets aggressive with the young doctor. Jumping to Penny’s defence, Scott goes to punch the other patient, leading to him again putting too much strain on his heart.

Elliot has no option but to discipline Penny, who finally admits that her feelings for Scott are causing complications with his care. Can the usually level-headed doctor regain a more professional relationship with Scott, before it’s too late?

Judith is shocked when her teenage son, Connor, is brought in to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Mark attempts to support Judith, but ends up in the middle of a blazing row between Judith and her estranged husband, Paul.

Meanwhile, Maria wants to retrain to become a senior nurse – can she prove herself to her workmates?

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