The secret life of Penny Valentine is discovered in a series of flashbacks as she prepares her patient Scott for his heart transplant. Emotions run high for the junior doctor as we discover she’s been having a secret affair with Scott since the end of last year, risking her career for the sake of her feelings for the patient.

When it comes to operating, Penny is distraught when Scott’s body starts to reject the new heart and runs from theatre to spare herself watching the man she loves die. Later, when Elliot informs Penny that they managed to save Scott her relief is marred by her boss’s discovery that she’s fallen for her patient. Is Penny’s life as a doctor over?

Elsewhere, Maria is shocked to be told by a patient that her new boyfriend, Doctor George, has been playing around behind her back. George informs a relieved and embarrassed Maria that her patient has the wrong end of the stick. But as it looks like Maria’s finally snagged a decent guy, we spy George arranging to date yet another nurse the following night. He’s a rat and no mistake Maria!

Meanwhile, Jac has a surge of compassion for a patient, but it’s all for show as she’s trying to get a promotion. It all goes swimmingly until a photo of her passionate clinch with Oliver surfaces in the most unlikeliest of places – Michael Spence’s hands…