Pepper and Kevin make an escape bid

Trapped Pepper and Kevin stage a romantic reunion to get scary Mary onside. Luckily, Mary falls for the charade and tries to recreate the couple’s first night together with romantic candles in a bid to help the lovebirds get closer. However, Pepper recklessly uses the candles to start a fire, and then shouts to Mary that she’s in danger, and possibly pregnant with Mary’s grandchild. Spurred into action, Mary unlocks the door and rushes in to save her precious baby things – but ends up trapped in the flames with Pepper.

After a stunned Paul finally discovers his medical condition is life threatening, he tries to re-establish his relationship with Elle. However, she dismisses him, thinking it’s a poor attempt to trick her and get into her good books. She hands him some ‘pocket money’ and a crestfallen Paul is left facing the reality that he may die alone and unloved.

Conscientious Ned returns to Erinsborough determined to atone for his past crimes. But Elle worries he could ruin her plans if he goes to the police and tries to come up with another plan for him. Meanwhile, Elle struggles to keep her unrequited love for Oliver quiet and, unusually for her, even refuses to take advantage of Carmella’s battle with her medication.