Pepper confronts Frazer about her dad failing to find him on the police computer and accepts his explanation that he changed his name as a teenager to embrace a new life. But later, Pepper finds Frazer knocked out cold in the backyard, and after taking him to hospital, begins to wonder who her fiancé really is. Then Will answers Frazer’s phone and is puzzled by a mysterious message…

Rattled by a moment of sexual tension with Will, Rosetta encourages her sister Carmella to make a move on her housemate after hearing about Carmella’s disastrous attempt to seduce Ned. Carmella agrees and dolls herself up, heading to the Scarlet Bar to ask him out. But things go wrong when she knocks a glass of drink over Will, and she’s left despondent that she can no longer attract a man. However, she’s soon overjoyed when Will agrees to go on a date with her.

Will isn’t happy to be followed by a mysterious car despite being handed a gift by the person inside– a key with an address attached, but strangely, he isn’t interested in his new gift.

Eager to maintain his ‘cool’ reputation, Zeke steals Pepper’s knickers while working in his new job as a cleaner at Number 30.