Pepper is knocked out

Scary stalker Mary knocks Pepper over the head and locks her in the baby’s bedroom. Surrounded by memories of what could have happened if she’d gone ahead and had her baby, terrified Pepper realises how unstable Mary is, and that her chances of escape look pretty slim.

Reeling from the shock that Elle and Oliver have taken over everything he owns, Paul at first tries to sweet talk his way back into Elle’s good books but is frustrated when she refuses to be persuaded. Furious and desperate, Paul breaks into his own house and verbally threatens Elle. Alarmed, Elle calls the police who end up escorting an angry Paul out of his own house.

Carmella realises Elle has genuinely fallen for Oliver, but instead of acting jealously, Carmella pities Elle’s unrequited love. Eager to help, Carmella suggests Elle spend some time away from Oliver to get her life back on track.

After their setback last week, Frazer tries to clear the air with Rosie, discussing their intimacy problems with her. However, Rosie suspects Frazer has unresolved issues when he finds it a tricky prospect to face the scene of his accident.