Pepper is terrified

Unable to get enough cash for son Kevin’s bail, Mary angrily returns to the imprisoned Pepper, who is terrified when Mary hints that her plans are worthless without her son. With her survival instincts kicking in, Pepper pretends to go along with Mary’s outrageous plans. However, when confused Kevin heads home, he’s shocked to discover his ex-girlfriend is being held captive with his mum plotting for them to be a family again. Kevin helps Pepper plan her escape, but both are unaware that Mary has bugged the room. Determined to see her plan through, Mary traps them both in the bedroom.

Karl returns to Erinsborough, but is shocked to find out that Susan’s former flame Tom Scully is the new head of Erinsborough High. Annoyed that Susan didn’t tell him about Tom, Karl and Susan have a row and Susan realises Karl mistrusts her as much as she does him.

Lolly cons Lou into letting her join a women’s boxing club with Janae. But after Lolly gets injured, Lou feels compelled to tell her she’s a terrible boxer. Still keen to bond with his daughter, Lou suggests they both coach Janae, and a reassured Lolly opts to stay in Ramsay Street with him.