Nervous Pepper worries about telling her dad about her stalker, because she never told him about her teenage pregnancy. Steiger struggles with Pepper’s news, but after a word with Janelle, he gets on Kevin’s case and discovers he’s an ex-soldier who has disappeared since being discharged for from the army for unknown reasons. Later, Pepper gets another scare when she receives an inflatable clown carrying an invitation to meet at the Anson’s Corner playground.

Sceptical Harold isn’t convinced by the news that Sky’s spiritualist Terry has made contact with Stingray and insists on attending her next session. But he’s shocked and disturbed when Terry claims to have a message from Madge…

Despite the Timmins family’s disapproval, Janae accepts Boyd’s offer of a dinner date. But Janae is unsure that she can get back together with her estranged husband. Even though she loves him – she’s not sure if it’s enough.

Abby’s hurt that Toadie kept the news of Stingray’s death a secret from her, but Toadie apologises and the pair reconcile. He’s forced to stick up for his untrained girlfriend when Rosie objects to her becoming their new secretary. She and Toadie make a bet – Abby has a week to get properly trained.