Pepper: We’re getting married!

Faced with Adam’s visa expiring, Pepper takes drastic measures to keep him in Australia and develop their growing relationship by telling everyone they’re getting ‘married’.

Carmella tries to tell Ringo that she doesn’t really love him but is unable to reveal the truth after Ringo has another health scare. Later, desperate Ringo runs away from hospital in order to track down Carmella at Sky’s leaving party. Before Rachel can stop him, he publicly declares his feelings for Carmella. But he is humiliated when she’s forced to reveal in front of everyone that she never really loved him.

After listening to Paul’s advice, Rebecca tells Oliver who his real dad is. Sickened by the truth, Oliver apologises for forcing Rebecca to drag up painful memories.

Inspired by Sky’s determination to change her life and move closer to Dylan, Boyd makes the big decision to leave Ramsay Street and go travelling, telling a concerned Steph that he needs to discover himself.

Party planner Miranda is thrilled to get her first job when Harold hires her to organise Sky’s leaving do. However, the tight deadline prompts Bridget to call on Susan’s help…