Perdy attacks Rosemary in hospital

Ryan arrives to tell Duke about his failed trial with York City FC and Terry is surprised to learn that Duke is not the hard taskmaster he used to be. Terry and Ryan go to Duke’s estate which is very rundown and Duke answers the door carrying a crowbar. Terry and Duke are soon arguing again and Duke goads Terry into punching him, but after a heart-to-heart Terry convinces him to move back in.

Grayson is thrilled when Perdy finally agrees to see him in hospital and apologises for what he’s put her through. But just as she’s about to agree to put the past behind them, Rosemary turns up at the hospital. Perdy tells Gray that Rosemary lied about his father, who shot himself, and attacks her.

Later, Gray confides in Paul about the revelation about his father. It is clear that Perdy’s words are making him doubt his mother’s character, but Paul urges him to speak to Rosemary.

Elsewhere, Diane’s furious that Victoria’s smoking again and rails at Jack for being too soft and Jasmine gets revenge on David by accepting his gift of a car, then giving it away to Pearl.