Perdy finds an ally in Matthew

Matthew visits Perdy in hospital and after hearing about everything that has happened to her, he has suspicions that Rosemary was poisoning her. Matthew makes it clear that Rosemary is dangerous and he convinces Perdy to play along with Rosemary’s plan and pretend to accept her ‘illness’. Perdy is grateful for Matthew’s support and she blurts out her troubles with her marriage, even telling him that Grayson is gay.

Jo is glum when it seems that Andy is dead set on killing her goat but Sam offers her an alternative. Sam suggests that Jo opens a petting farm for kids so she can keep the goats. Jo runs the idea past Andy, who is his usual unenthusiastic self but she’s grateful when Sam talks Andy into it.

Terry plans a welcome back meal for the family to celebrate Duke’s return. Duke joins Betty and Pearl for a drink in the Woolpack and they’re pleased that he’s in the village to stay.

Also, Eli tries to scupper Debbie’s latest business deal; Pearl agrees to sell Debbie her car but she wants to join the payroll as a taxi driver.