Perdy is sectioned!

Perdy is stunned when she goes into the attic to find the nursery filled with toys and baby things. Rosemary feigns shock but Perdy is sure Rosemary is trying to send her insane and she locks Rosemary in the attick. Gray and Paul find an hysterical Perdy locked in the attic with Rosemary and he hurries to phone an ambulance. Meanwhile, Rosemary admits that she is trying to send Perdy round the bend but despite Perdy’s protestations, Perdy is dragged kicking and screaming into an ambulance.

Scarlett is desperate to impress Daz and she ropes Victoria into helping to dye her hair a more sophisticated colour, but a sneaky Victoria adds extra peroxide to the dye mix and poor Scarlett is left with canary yellow hair! Carrie is furious and she blames Kelly for giving Scarlett money to buy the dye.

Viv is still furious that she’s been passed over for a new columnist on the paper and she makes the news after an outburst at one of the specialist’s workshops. Viv tells the specialist that her techniques are totally unsuitable for working mothers. Bob hopes that it’s the end of it, but Viv hasn’t finished yet!

Also, Betty gets back from Spain without Sandy, who is still travelling.