Perdy leaves Gray for Matthew


Perdy snoops in and finds a suitcase with Rosemary’s missing cardigan and a letter from Rosemary proving she is still alive. Later, a nervy Gray attempts to dispose of the suitcase, but discovers it’s empty. Perdy confronts her husband and accuses him of being as twisted as his mother. Gray is forced to confess to the police that Rosemary is still alive to get Matthew out of prison. Perdy insists that she wants full custody of the baby or she’ll reveal that he planted evidence in Matthew’s car. Gray is devastated as Perdy leaves him for Matthew.

Diane is nervous as Jack and the family come over for Christmas Day, but relations begin to thaw as the family play charades. Things sour when Edna turns up with presents from Billy for Andy, Daz and Sarah. Jack snaps and storms out, telling a devastated Diane that their marriage is over.

Sam and Debbie are all alone on Christmas Day with baby Samson and a distinct lack of Christmas cheer. But Zak is determined to spend Christmas with his son and grandson and he takes the family, food and drink to Sam, along with Ashley and family who have had an oven malfunction. Sam is pleased.

Also, Pearl is delighted with her friends’ surprise.