Perdy is careful about going horseriding to avoid putting her pregnancy at risk. Katie gets suspicious of Perdy’s reluctance and correctly guesses what’s up and Perdy happily tells Katie that she’s expecting. Perdy later has a fall and she’s devastated when she starts bleeding. When Paul discovers that his friend is unwell, he hurries over to Mill Cottage to look after her and he’s horrified when she doubles over in pain. Paul rushes Perdy to hospital, with Gray following on behind, and Gray is stunned when he’s told that Perdy has an ectopic pregnancy and needs to have an immediate hysterectomy to save her life.

Kelly is fed up with everyone’s lack of support for her engagement to Jimmy so she decides to organise an engagement party and force everyone to be happy for them! Scott phones Debbie after hearing Kelly’s news and she’s unimpressed when he asks her to get him an engagement present for Kelly and Jimmy, but Eli thinks that least they’ll get an invite to the party. That evening, Kelly is miserable when only a few Dingles and Daz turn up for her engagement do and she’s mortified when Debbie gives her and Jimmy a present – matching convict outfits!

Hari and Gray are impressed when they watch Jonny take their new racehorse Boomer through his paces and Hari boasts that the horse is his ticket to the winner’s enclosure at the next race meet. Jonny is horrified when Hari declares his intention to race Boomer the next day and he protests that the horse is not fit. Hari is having none of it and insists he knows best.

Also, Debbie and Eli almost kiss; Jimmy gives Scarlett a quad bike; Turner’s annoyed that the Dingles are lagging behind with their float.