Perdy is distant after her hysterectomy and a worried Paul advises a lost Gray to stay by Perdy’s side and give her as much support as possible. But Gray’s efforts are rewarded by the cold assertion from Perdy that without the prospect of children, their marriage is over. A devastated Gray tells Paul that despite their difficulties, he really does love Perdy, and Paul persuades Gray to try again. Perdy realises that Gray’s feelings are genuine and they are reunited.

Belle takes a sudden interest in the pageant when she decides she’d like to try out for Louise’s beauty contest. Belle is hurt when Louise dismisses her request and says that she’s far too young. While Louise and Turner continue to fight over their very different ideas for the pageant, in true Dingle style Belle decides to take revenge. She secretly lets the cows in to the field with the floats and they cause havoc!

Also, Viv goes into overdrive as her spending on the Christening gets out of control and she buys two outrageously expensive silk Christening gowns for the twins. Bob is furious and tells an embarrassed Viv to return them to the shop in front of everyone in the cafe.