Perdy tries to cope with her loss

Perdy comes out of surgery and Gray is worried about telling her that she’s lost her last chance to have children. Perdy starts to come round and Paul leaves Gray to break the difficult news. Perdy is so stunned that she goes into denial and she deals calmly with the news. When Rosemary arrives, Perdy tells Gray not to tell Rosemary about the hysterectomy and she covers when Rosemary asks what’s happened. Paul worries about a deeply upset Gray when he admits that he and Perdy were desperate to have a baby.

Eli is feeling a little guilty about ruining Kelly and Jimmy’s engagement party and he suggests that they try to smooth things over with her. Debbie is having none of it and she refuses to apologise. Kelly is still fuming about the night’s events and she rants to Viv and Donna and tells Eli where to go when he eventually decides to apologise. Rodney warns Kelly that she’ll have to be more of lady now that she’s marrying into money, but she doesn’t care.

Betty is distracted in her preparations for the pageant when her dog Charlie goes missing. Sam is distraught when he finds the little dog dead in Seth’s old hut at Home Farm. Sam tells Edna, who helps him break the news to Betty. Betty is comforted that at least Charlie died peacefully in his sleep and she wonders if they can scatter his ashes next to Seth’s.

Also, Turner’s celebrity guest pulls out; Rodney has hopes of a job at Home Farm; Hari considers doping his horse to secure a win; Rodney offers Kelly lessons in manners.