Peri surprises Tegan and Ziggy

As they arrive at the secret log cabin, Tegan and Ziggy are surprised when stowaway Peri emerges. Ziggy’s forced to tell Leela where they are and she and Cameron team up to track them down. But it looks like Cameron’s past mistakes are finally set to catch up with him when the police send Leela a photo-fit of the man who killed Sam and Danny…

Meanwhile, Nana is trying to have a pamper day but Lockie and Porsche are under her feet. There’s one bar tender job going at The Loft, so Grace gives Porsche and Lockie a trial shift to battle it out for the role. It’s fun and games as Porsche dances on the bar and flirts with all the punters to get more tips.

Also, Grace and Trevor’s relationship is put to the test.