Peri’s accident gives Danny an unexpected opportunity

Peri thinks she has imagined seeing John Paul and Danny kiss because of her condition and apologises to her dad, who doesn’t correct her. Having found out about Peri from Tegan, Sienna goes to the hospital and when she overhears Danny and Sam talking about Peri not being their biological daughter, her suspicions are confirmed.

Diane is starting to regret asking Tony to cancel the wedding but isn’t brave enough to tell him how she feels. She goes to the pub and after a couple of drinks allows Darren to persuade her to give it another shot with Tony.

Dennis tells Maxine what he heard and she reluctantly confirms his fears. She begs him not to tell and lies that it was only the once. Dennis promises not to tell anyone when he sees how scared she is of losing Patrick. At the hospital, Lindsey examines Maxine’s bruised back and in the village, Maxine tells Dennis that he needs to back off or they can’t be friends.

Later, Maxine takes a pregnancy test – and it’s positive. Dennis knocks on the door and asks if she wants to talk. She tells him to leave so he pushes a domestic violence leaflet under the door. Patrick passes Dennis on his way home. He senses that Dennis knows something and grabs Maxine’s hair in anger. Patrick tells Maxine that Dexter has been knocked down. She falls to her knees, heart-broken, unaware that Patrick has actually given him to the RSPCA.