With Tina still annoyed at Dom for forcing her to retract her surrogacy offer to Jacqui, the last thing she needs is more trouble from Pete at work. But her annoyance, when Pete gives her grief for being late, turns to suspicion when he oddly reassures her that their past difficulties are now forgotten. Later, Tina’s worst fears are realised when she finds a note inviting her to a teachers night out, and arrives at the Loft to find Pete there alone. Is Tina in danger?

Jessica is horrified when Kris informs her that her clothes have been strewn all over the village by Zoe, who later tells her they will never be friends again. Annoyed Jessica then hatches a plan to get her own back by offering to drop Zoe’s promo video off at Evissa…

Beth is pleased when Neville compliments her for doing a good job at Drive N Buy. However, things go wrong when the angry parent of a teenage girl lays into him for selling alcohol to a minor. Beth is about to get the blame when quick-thinking Gilly steps in and saves the day.

Also, a new stylist, Niall arrives in town, and makes an impression during his first day at Evissa.