Pete is in the dock and Reenie gets drunk!

The McQueens are in turmoil as Pete prepares to stand trial

The McQueens prepare for Pete’s trial, but Cleo feels lets down when Reenie goes missing.
At Pete’s trial, everyone wants Cleo to tell the court what Pete did to her, and Pete watches on as Cleo’s video statement is played. Meanwhile, Reenie’s getting drunk at The Dog when Holly arrives. Despite his feelings towards Cleo, Nathan offers to go with Holly to court.

Reenie turns up just as Cleo’s about to go into the courtroom but Celine’s not sure Cleo will take their advice. Cleo’s facing tough interrogation from the defence and, as her honesty is questioned, she’s asked whether she was driving the night Rachel died – will she reveal who was responsible for the accident?

Also, following an argument with Mercedes, John Paul realises he can’t be with his family today – he’d only make things more tense. Scott tries to cheer him up and tells John Paul he loves him – how will John Paul react?