Pete is down in the dumps after being given the heave-ho by Debbie, but he soon realises why she dumped him when she mentions his previous charge for assault. When he tries to explain she makes it clear that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her or the kids and slams the door in his face! Later, Pete turns to Vanessa for support, and after a drink and a few kinds words the unlikely pair end up kissing!

Bernice needs some volunteers for Kerry to practise on at the beauty salon, so Chas decides to take Charity along for a pre-wedding treat. But when Charity doubles over in pain, Chas insists on calling the doctor. Not wanting to miss out on a free pampering session, Charity insists she is fine and later admits to a horrified Chas that she’s booked in to have a termination as soon as she and Declan are married. What will Chas do?

Belle is still determined to go ahead with her plan to get pregnant and it looks like it’s all systems go when Sean find the perfect place for them to be alone. But when Dan and Kerry arrive home unexpectedly, will they be caught out?